English Subtitles

Some performances at Bellevue Teatret are available with English subtitles on select days.

Subtitles on your smartphone

Subtitles are shown on your smartphone or tablet with the app Thea (it’s free – search for “thea dogood”), which we advise you to download in advance. If you do not have a smartphone or a tablet, the theatre has a limited number of tablets for you to borrow. You will need to login to the Wi-Fi in the theatre. Our staff will assist you. We suggest that you charge your device before going to the theatre.

The service is free of charge with gratitude to the Danish Arts Foundation.

The following performances are suited for non-Danish speakers:

A Column of Fire
With English subtitles Saturdays and Sundays at 15
1 – 29 March 2020

More shows to follow …