The Original Architectural expression at Bellevue Theatre was recreated through a larger renovation, which took place in 2001-2002. The theatre was where possible taken back to its original design by Arne Jacobsen both inside and outside.

The Renovation of Bellevue Theatre took eight months and the cost ran up to 18 millions Danish kroner paid by Augustinus Fonden, Realdania, The Forest- and Nature Agency and the theatre itself.

Architects Jes Kølpin and Rolf Henning-Jensen, who also works as a restoration-architect received the Europa Nostra Award for especially renovated historical buildings for the restauration of Arne Jacobsen’s Bellevue Theatre in 2004.

Renovation in details: (please press pictures below)

Brick Layered Surfaces was carefully cleaned. The surfaces repaired and partial strengthened with a net of steel. Surfaces thereafter polished, spackled and painted with diffusion open silicate paint.

Carpenter parts gone through and painted. Rundown wood was replaced.

Door Handles and Fittings renovated by a brazier.

New Arrangements consisted of a handicap toilet on ground floor and few small changes in the administration area. The balcony was made a little steeper to give a better view onto the stage, which gave new opportunities in the placing of the seats.

The Artist’s bathrooms and facilities of the toilets were fully renovated.

The Canopy towards Strandvejen had teak tree wooden lists fitted as the original design.

The Chairs were dismantled and examined at a cabinetmakers workshop. Defected parts changed and surfaces were polished and lacquered. The seats upholstered with light-coloured leather. About 320 new chairs were fabricated supplying the ones gone missing through times

The Concrete Building Parts underwent a check and part of the armament of iron changed.

The Concrete Surfaces was treated with a protected paint especially for concrete, where the theatre’s place by the salty air from the sea was taken in consideration.

The Foyer was renovated.

The Gutters of zinc with original bulb was especially made and mounted in new curved metal bonds. All drains of zinc replaced.

The Public Toilets were totally reconstructed with new floors, new sanitation and new light Spanish walls.

The Roof where covered with roofing felt were replaced.

The Shop Windows was taken back to its original design lighting up the windows.

The Sign towards Strandvejen with the lettering Bellevue Theatret was recreated, both in colour, typography and the enormous size.

The Signposting inside with the original fonts came back on the walls

The Staircase Towers towards Strandvejen had plants mounted back to the original state. Growing up the staircase tower is espalier of European larch and the broad-leaved ivy at the plant bed by the towers.

The Stairs were renovated.

The Sub Facade towards Strandvejen were reconstructed and renovated.

The Terrazzo Floor in the hall, which had cracked numerous places were repaired.

The Textiles at the walls of the auditorium and in the ceiling were replaced.