The Buildings Bellevue Beach Bath, Bellavista, Mattson’s Riding Hall, The Gas Station and Bellevue Theatre together with the ascending restaurant became Arne Jacobsen’s first big building project.

His dream about the modern city came true in the collaboration with the wishes of Gentofte Borough and Axel Mattsson, owner of the riding hall.

Bellevue Beach Bath showed examples of Arne Jacobsen’s creativity, as he besides drawing the changing cabins and the lifeguard towers designed the direct communication such as tickets, season card, ice-shops and the packing for the ice cream. Approximately 10.000 ice creams were sold a day in the summer season. Built in 1932.

Bellevista with a view to Øresund from all 68 apartments through the shifted rhythmical advances. Arne Jacobsen chose to place the houses in three wings round a lawn to gain sea view. The house cast various shades on the white wall depending of the light. Built in 1934.

Mattssons Riding Hall with visible bearing construction of iron cast in organic shapes with roofing felt between the arches shows the insisting perfectionism in shape and outline. Rebuilt in 1934.

The Gas Station drawn by Arne Jacobsen in the connection with plans for Bellevue Beach Park. The eclipse shaped roofing supported by a round column and the white building plated with light shade of yellow tiles is recognised as one of his functionalistic masterpieces. The gas station is listed. Built in 1937.

Bellevue Seaside Hotel placed on the beachside of Øresund had plans for extending and Bellevue Theatre wanted to stop the idea because it would take the sea view from the restaurant guests. The plans were after several years of toing ditched by the owner Peter Sørensen. The hotel no longer great business was demolished to make room for green spaces in 1973.